This innovative concealment solution is one of those products that tempts you to say, “Why didn’t I think of that”? It starts with an All-Weather X-Dry compression performance Power Shirt that fits you like a second skin. And, is coupled with a completely adjustable holster that accommodates a wide variety of handguns, from large frame Semi-Autos like Glock 17, 1911, Sig 229 and Beretta 92F to small revolvers and semi-autos like S+W J Frames and Beretta Jetfire. What makes this concealment option unique is the way the Power T-shirt fits your body. This shirt hugs, conforms and adjusts to any body type comfortably and it does not restrict movement. The form-fitting Power T-Shirt cools the body and keeps it dry by pulling perspiration off the skin and moving to the surface for evaporation. This is the same shirt worn by professional football players.

Features both left and right side holsters, so right-handed individuals can carry spare magazines or handcuffs in the off side or vise versa for left handed individuals.

Allows immediate access with button down shirts or pullovers even while sitting. Can be used with or without included retention strap. We sell a lot of these to undercover Federal agents who sit in airplanes, trains and buses because it is comfortable, conceals their weapon and allows the draw while seated

concealment tshirt


Also available in crew neck, search item #T0293.
Fits most handguns.


M: 38"-40"
L: 41"-43"
XL: 44"-46"
XX: 47"-49"
3X: 50"+

Item# T0420: $69.95

The Belly Band is the most versatile and most comfortable method of concealment available. You can wear it in almost every situation! Whether you dress up for the office or go to the gym, The Belly Band can be there, totally concealed and ready! It's made in the USA of heavy duty elastic with a velcro closure. It has two slots: one for an automatic pistol and one for a revolver. It has a 6-inch pocket which conceals important papers, cash, credit cards, as well as a slot for a spare magazine. It works great with medium and small frame revolvers and semi-automatic pistols. It is pictured with a Glock 19 and will easily accommodate a full sized Glock 17, 22 even the Glock 21 & all the mini Glocks. It will even work with all of the popular self-defense handguns including 1911, SIGs and Beretta. You can discreetly and comfortably conceal your handguns under a variety of shirts and sweaters. This holster is completely demonstrated in the Concealed Carry Videos.

Item# B0048: $29.95

Meridian Concealment Purse